The unique series of Husky modules, designed for regions with harsh weather, is now visualized in 3D.

We understand how difficult it is to make your choice when there is no opportunity to come to the factory and assess the quality of our products on the spot. Most often, customers have to base their choice solely on photos of modules/modular buildings, video reviews of other customers or a detailed conversation with a manager.

Even this cannot give a complete and comprehensive picture of our product.

We want to address any of your tasks, even at the very beginning! That’s why we tried to show the design and unique advantages of our modules in maximum clarity and detail.

Our modules have a unique design, and it’s not just words; we prove it with our production technology:

  • Reinforced vertical struts that can withstand heavy loads.
  • Ultra-precise cutting of mounting holes ensures maximum jointing of the profiles.
  • Thermal insulation of 150 mm and even 200 mm makes it possible to use the modules in the harshest conditions.

See all benefits of our module:

We can help you solve the most difficult housing problems with our comfortable and durable living buildings.