Avista Modul Engineering Group

12 years introducing innovations and creating trends in the market of pre-fabricated construction

About company


Avista Modul Engineering was founded in 2007. We provide multiple services for the design, production, delivery, construction and assembly of prefabricated buildings for various purposes.

The company’s goal

To make the construction of prefabricated buildings easier and faster anywhere in the world, and give people the opportunity to get mass housing and effective working space.


Create prefabricated buildings for any purpose that will withstand the most difficult conditions in hard-to-reach places through optimal design, production and construction solutions, applying innovations and following the principles of environmental friendliness.

Our group of the companies are:

Engineering company

Engineering and construction of prefabricated building any degree of complexity

Product company

Production of modular buildings for varios purpose: from 1 module to camp

Trading company

Easy and fast purchase of a modular buildings

Federal operator of rent

prefabricated construction rent without additional payment

The products are manufactured at a plant in Novosibirsk. The assortment of the company includes collapsible change houses, modular dormitories, modular canteens, modular administrative and residential complexes, modular bath and laundry complexes, modular medical centers. On the basis of these types of buildings, we have already erected more than 110 rotational camps.

Production in the heart of Russia, we implement projects around the world

Geography of
our supplies

Our advantages


Volume of production

We produce from 400 modules per month. We can cover any needs.



Production in the center of Russia. Convenient logistics in any region, by any transport.


Own production

As a result, order fulfillment in the shortest possible time and minimum risk for the customer.


Turnkey orders

Execution of turnkey orders: from the customer’s desire to commissioning.


Operation in any climate

Thermal and technical properties of products are designed for the lowest temperatures.


Phased settlement

Spent schemes for the phased settlement to the full commissioning of the object.

We strive to give people the opportunity to find affordable housing and effective work space.


Rental park

We ourselves exploit what we produce: rental fleet throughout the Russian Federation


Saving your budget 300%

Delivery with 300% savings (100 sq. m instead of 30 sq. m of space per 1 car)


We will solve any your task

Any task within any budget with the help of various constructive and planning decisions will be solved.


Simple and fast

Very simple and fast construction of buildings as Lego.


Quality control

Repeated quality control at all stages: design, production, construction and installation work.


Quality certificates

Availability of various quality certificates, fire certificates and certificates of a reliable supplier.

We are trusted by professionals