Evolution Dynamics 

Having successful experience in the market for nine years, we proved ourselves as a reliable partner.We are credited with 514 large built-up projects.

Dynamics of modular
building construction (sq.m)

Preferent, Federal Operator for rental of lifesboxes

entered the Group of Companies «Avista Module Engineering»

50,000 sq.m

of modular buildings have been put into operation

Victory of Vadim Kulubekov

in the competition of Junior Entrepreneurs

New achievements

Launching the rental services for amenities modular buildings from the Preferent’scompany

Rentalpark: 50 lifesboxesinNovosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, YekaterinburgandMoscow. VladislavKosolapovis appointedas Head of Preferent.

Production capacity

Goal achieved: 100 modules per month! Based on the results of 2013 the total area of modular buildings erected is 50,000sq.m.

Supporting by the whole team

Vadim Kulubekov, the thought leader and the Head of the Group of Companies «Avista Module Engineering» has gained a victory in the most prestigious competition of Junior EntrepreneursGSEARussia.