Evolution Dynamics

Having successful experience in the market for nine years, we proved ourselves as a reliable partner.We are credited with 514 large built-up projects.

Dynamics of modular
building construction (sq.m)

The first modular hotel «Kovcheg» («The Ark») in Russiawas constructed within just 2 months in the area of Ust-Koksa village of Altai Mountains.

A two-storeyed residential building with leaded glass windows, individual patios and balconies, interior finish and amenities in each roomhas been designed based on «Husky» modules.


The third stage of a grandiose building of AAB with total area of 2,500 sq.mhas beenput into operation for «TissenShakhtbau» LLC.

Uniqueness of this project is that the building was occupied step by step, i.e. the people were already settling the first part of the building, and construction of the second and the third ones was simultaneously completing.


Two modular warm changing rooms with area of 213.5 sq. mhave been constructed forthe Sports School of Olympic Reserve.

Owing to the State Sports School of Olympic Reserveof Snowboard, opened this year, own snowboard-park has been constructed in Novosibirsk.We are pleased that the requirements of the School of Snowboard coincided with our technical feasibilities.Despite 100% workload of our production we have found ways to fulfill the low-margin order.


Avista will increase the production
of modular hotels