Basic kit for a modular building is 40% cheaper

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We supply you with a basic kit for installation, floor, ceiling and racks. You acquire all other materials
and components as close as possible to the construction site.

Action Plan for Profit

The working principle is simple

All elements of the building, for the production of which requires complex technological processes, expensive and unique equipment, qualified and narrow specialists — «We produce at our own production!!!». The kit consists of a floor, ceiling and pillars design. 

The cost of 1 block set 15.25 sq.m. — 2300 $

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Composition Description
Area around the outer perimeter, sq.m. 15,25
Dimensions in Transpak l * h * w, mm 6250х2440х520
Regulatory Compliance Certificate
Internal height of the module, mm 2200
Base frame welded frame of hot-rolled channel 12P GOST 8240 and omega-profile of cold- rolled sheet metal 3mm GOST 19903
Bottom of base galvanized C10 profiled sheet 0.5 mm thick.
Base lathing from boards 100×40 sawn timber treated with fire-bioprotective composition. Thermal insulation — mineral wool (rolled) insulation 150 mm thick
Base floor moisture resistant plywood 18mm, topcoat.
Metal external elements of the base and roof are painted painted on the RAL scale (as agreed with the Customer).
Roof frame

welded frame from cold-bent channel 140 * 60 * 4 GOST 8278.

Roofing lathing from boards 220×40 mm. Timber is processed by fire-bioprotective composition.
Roof insulation mineral wool (roll) insulation 150 mm thick, ceiling finish
Roof ceiling tape

made of galvanized rolled steel 0.5 mm. The sheets are rolled under the frame and are interconnected by the double rebate method. Roof gable along the ridge, slightly sloping.

Racks Curved profile 120×220, 3.0 mm thick, made of cold rolled metal. Elements of the rack are 
painted with paint in color according to the RAL scale (as agreed with the Customer). 
Transportation -183m2 of premises on a single eurotour;
-76m2 room = one 40 ft containerутов

Covered all expenses related to care

— contain a staff of designers and engineers for the preparation of production; 
— to purchase and process rare types of rolled metal;
— select a large amount of materials from suppliers to ensure a competitive price;
— contain the production area; 
— have machines for making unique profiles of frames;
— pay staff of welders, assemblers and operators of CNC machines. 

All these problems we have undertaken!

We will provide you with:

— Project, working documentation stage Architectural Solution;
— Training at our enterprise with issue of the certificate;
— Complete specification of all building and finishing materials for a modular building; 
— The installation technology of a modular building with examples, photographs, a sequence of operations; 
— Regulatory need for installers and lifting mechanisms; 
— Basic structures of a modular building (racks, floor and ceiling structures);
— SUPER economical delivery to any region of Russia and neighboring countries. 183m2 of premises on a single eurotour. 76sq.m of rooms = one 40 foot container. 

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