Standardized prefabricated buildings of the «Concept» series.

Buy from 17 000 $ and construct in 12 hours.


Avista Module Engineering LLC

Deadline of completion

September 2017

Total area

up to 76 m²

Objective of the project

Creating a budget pre-fabricated building with the ability to build for 12 hours. Universal space you can use for any of your tasks. Office, hostel, shop or something else — you decide! We quickly and simply deliver to you a ready-made block of modules, which you can complete and modify at your discretion, as a giant lego! 


In just 12 hours, you can construct any modular building from the Concept series. The specialists of Avista Module Engineering Group created 4 variants of the building: «Concept Type 1», «Concept Type 2», «Concept Type 3», «Concept Type 4». The difference of the options is in different ways of placing the modules in the common building. 

Choose your version of the finished standard modular building

Building «Concept Type 1»

73, 27 sq.m

4 separate modules are joined to one corridor, forming a standard layout of the building.
A standard solution that saves energy, time, money and makes it possible to use the premises separately.

Building «Concept Type 2»

76,25 sq.m

5 modules are assembled into one single space and are separated by partitions, which allows to obtain a building layout with rooms 3 meters wide.
A building with an optimal planning solution for premises with a width of 3 meters, but at the same time, the carriage is dimensional — you save a budget.

Building «Concept Type 3»

61,24 sq.m

4 separate modules are installed in a square, panels are removed in one part and a corridor is formed. Thus, an asymmetric layout of the premises is obtained. 
Compact placement of a building in a limited area 

Building «Concept Type 4»

59,09 sq.m

4 separate modules — docking two five-meter with two seven-meter, on the principle of a square, thereby obtaining symmetrical rooms 5 meters long 
Compact placement of the building in a limited area, with symmetrical rooms. 

Technical specifications



floor — mineral wool-150 / walls — basalt plate -100 mm / ceiling — mineral wool 150


Internal height

2.4 m


Interior decoration

polymer colored profiled metal



1 metal entrance door with closers, 4 PVC doors, 4 swing-out windows, three-chamber profile



Electric kit in the cable channel



set of docking parts

Quick and easy building up to 76 sq.m. on your site!
Production — 1 day, construct — 12 hours!

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This is a completely autonomous facility — Elementary electrical connection. Does not require 
registration and foundation. 

All connections of the structure are bolted, without the use of welding. No «wet» work is required, 
which gives the possibility of construction at any time of the year. 

The modular building «Concept» can be operated in all weather conditions and combines from 5 modules: 

  • Metal finish
  • Color of your choice
  • LED lighting
  • Warming to — 50 C°
  • Supply fan

Building is very simple and quick.

The advantage of this project is that it can be classified as temporary (it can be easily disassembled and transported to a new place), and as stationary, depending on the need.

Building modules into the building, if necessary, is carried out at a convenient time with minimal effort and anxiety of residents.