Modular hotel «Ark»

Design and construction of a modular hotel operating in all weather conditions


«Smart Tourism» LLC

Implementation dates:

May — July 2016.

Total area:

432 m²

Project objective

Creation of eco-friendly modular housing in remote picturesque places of Russia. Development of a segment of budgetary holiday in comfortable conditions. Ecologicalcompatibility, autonomy, mobility and aesthetic impression.


In just 2 months,from the start of work on the foundation to the first guests,the specialists of the GC «Avista Module Engineering» fulfilled the task of designing and building a unique product for the Russian tourism market — a modular hotel operating in all weather conditions.

Based on «Husky» modules there was designed a 2-storey residential building with stained-glass windows, individual terraces and balconies, with interior decoration and facilities in every room. 

It’s a fully autonomous facility — a water well, heating with a solid fuel boiler, autonomous sewerage. 

All structural connections are bolted, without welding. No «wet» work is required, which gives the possibility of construction at any time of the year. 

The hotel » Ark» is located in the village of Gorny Altai — Ust-Koks and combines 18 modules:

  • 14 double rooms,
  • 2 family quadruple rooms
  • 2 technical modules for electricity, heating and water supply

The total living area is 288 sq. m, and also includes a terrace on the 3rd floor with an area of 144 sq. m.

When creating the project and construction, the concept of «minimalism in wood» as well as «green house» technology were used.

The advantage of this project is that it can be classified both as temporary (it is easily disassembled and transported to a new location) and stationary, depending on the need. 

When constructing such a hotel, you can effectively plan the costs and loading by constructing the hotel in stages. 
Completion of modules is carried out at a convenient time with minimal working hours and troubling of the residents.