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The easiest, fastest and most affordable way to build a hotel is to order the project of a modular building from the professionals of Avista Module Engineering. We specialize in the creation of pre-fabricated buildings of maximum comfort: compact recreation centers, motels, mini-hotels, family accommodation complexes, etc. 


We offer prefabricated modular hotels from design to commissioning

To solve this TASK

The hotel of our production is a complete object of the hotel industry, designed for short-term or long-term accommodation of guests. 

The construction of hotels of modular format implies:

— comfortable warmed rooms; 
— a complete set of communications: from water supply to the Internet; 
— modern decoration and attractive room design; 
— a set of additional solutions (at the choice of the customer): from the kitchen to the pantry.

With our help, you can not just build a hotel, but make it a fashionable and popular place that will be in demand among guests of the city / resort. 


Modular hotels

Phased commissioning 

The ability to complete the building, studying the demand or to the extent possible.

You can always move to a new place.

Prefabricated mountable technology of our constructions allows you to transport and change the location of the hotel without loss

The minimum time that will not give any technology

Prefabricated blocks with workmanship, provide construction speed of 30 days.

To open a hotel made on the basis of a frame-modular complex, you need to solve several problems:


Create a technical task for the hotel: a description of the requirements for the characteristics of the finished structure.


Perform design: develop a plan of the hotel, think over the placement of rooms, the specifics of the location of communications, especially the architecture and design of rooms.


Create a block modules for the hotel, from which you can build a complete complex.


Deliver the components of the structure to the object and mount them into a single system.

We ourselves exploit what we produce!

Developing our production of modular structures, we designed, manufactured and assembled the Kovcheg Hotel, bringing us pleasure and profit. 

«Kovcheg» — is a new product in the Russian tourism market

Implementation period: May — July 2016
Total area: 432 m2

During the first months of implementation, the base reached a payback period, and after the expansion attracted even more tourists.

We ourselves are happy to have a rest on this base and now we are already building objects in the ski resort in the village of Sheregesh, Kemerovo Region. 


In just 2 months, the specialists of Avista Module Engineering Group of Companies completed the task of designing and building a unique product for the Russian tourism market — a modular hotel operating in all weather conditions. 

Video review of the modular hotel Kovcheg

Hotel Kovcheg combines 18 modules 

  • 12 double rooms

  • 2 family 4-bed rooms

  • 2 technical modules for electricity, heating and water supply

All connections of the structure are bolted, without the use of welding. No wet work is required, which gives the possibility of construction at any time of the year. 

Guest reviews

The base is in a beautiful place! I liked the room in the new building: a bathroom in the room; cool bed-mattresses, pillows, blankets; carpet, it is a special pleasure to take off after a grueling walk and feel its softness and give the legs a rest. Kitchen!!! It is simply divine! Altai honey is always on the table, you can add fresh local herbs to tea. The food is very good. I'll come again!

Ekaterina Klimova

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With regards to the rooms, there are no complaints, everything is comfortable and affordable, and pleasant bedding, soft pillows, several beds, shower, full bathroom, as well as a fridge and kettle, which is very important. In general, for those who plan to go to Ust-Koks, the Ark base is ideal, come, feel free to check in — you will not regret! Good luck to everyone and the mountain air! 

Vladimir Nemirovsky

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Advantages of a modular hotel


The hotel is very mobile — it can be easily disassembled and transported to a new location.


Expansion or increase in the number of modules is carried out with low work input and minimal anxiety of residents.


When building a hotel like that, you can effectively plan costs and load by entering the hotel in stages.

Now we can design, produce, deliver and construct a modular hotel for 32 people in 2-2.5 months.

We carry out construction of hotels in accordance with applicable rules and regulations, ensuring high environmental friendliness, functionality and safety of finished structures. All buildings are warranted by the manufacturer.

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