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What are modular houses and what are their distinctive features?

Some people still perceive modular homes as structures that are suitable for temporary or seasonal living. In fact, the construction technology of block modules is characterized by versatility of application. For example, in the United States, the construction of modular homes is a priority in private residential construction, despite the susceptibility of tornado territory and hurricanes. 

Frame technology is widely used throughout the world for the construction of hotels, shopping centers, administrative buildings. 

High level of comfort and reliability

Modern modular houses are completely different from construction trailers. They are indeed the simplest type of modular design, by the way, but the possibilities of this technology are much wider. 

The configuration of the modular house depends on the needs of its owner. The easiest and cheapest block module includes one or two rooms. You should pay attention to this option if you want to build a modular house with minimal costs and use it as a summer house. 

Advantages of modular houses

Facilities that are designed for all-season living are equipped with a reinforced frame. Depending on the design project, the building may be:

When purchasing a turnkey modular home, the customer chooses the desired number of floors, area and layout of their future housing. In addition to standard options, we offer individual design of buildings from block containers. 

In terms of reliability and comfort, a modular home is not inferior to a home built in the traditional way. It is distinguished by modern interior and exterior finishes, and is connected to engineering systems. Due to reliable thermal insulation, the structure can be operated at temperatures from -35 to 50 ° C. 

Building materials

The construction of the modular house is conducted from modern materials. Inside, the room is sheathed with various types of plates, which allows to obtain a perfectly flat surface for applying decorative coatings.

When you are planning to buy a modular home for all-season living, you can be sure of good soundproofing and thermal insulation of the building. They are achieved through the use of insulated sandwich panels. The low price of a turnkey modular home makes housing built on modern technology, affordable to a wide range of buyers.

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