Our production includes modern equipment, advanced technology and quality control.

400 modules per month

Currently, the company’s production facilities allow production of 400 modules per month. All products are manufactured in the workshop with a total area of 8000 m2, located in Novosibirsk. The production process is optimized and automated as much as possible: work is carried out on seven sites with the use

Quality control

Since 2016, a six-step quality control system has been implemented at each production stage in Avista Modul Engineering. The quality department controlsall stages: input control, procurement, welding, painting, assembly and equipment.

Our production

Single modules (cabins)

Auxiliary facilities used for different needs in enterprises and construction sites as temporary housing for storing tools and equipment.

Modular buildings

Buildings assembled from several modules. Modular buildings are temporary buildings, can be installed without a foundation (up to three floors), can be easily dismantled and transported to another place. They are made in various types for any climatic conditions, meet fire and sanitary requirements, have allthe necessary communications.

First modular hotel

In 2016, the first modular hotel in Russia was manufactured by our company. The constructed hotel building has a modular design, and was erected in just 2 months. The hotel called «Kovcheg» is located in the village of Altai Republic — Ust-Koksa and combines 18 modules with a total area of 432 sq.m.

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Our construction technologies make it possible in the shortest time to erect residential, industrial andcommercial buildings.


«Transpak» technology

Making logistics advantageous. We deliver modular constructions by various types of transport. We usethe technology «Transpak» (flat-pack portable cabin), which allows compactly place the cargo in thecontainer and reduce the total number of cargo spaces. Order will be delivered to the place safely. Weknow that it is possible to buy a modular building without additional expenses for logistics services andwe will help you with it.

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Ready-made buildings of the «Concept» series

Low-cost pre-fabricated buildings with the ability to build for 12 hours. Universal space can be used forany of your tasks. An office, a hostel, a shop or something else is up to you! We quickly and simplydeliver to you a ready-made block of modules, which you can complete and modify at your discretion, asa big Lego constructor.

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Basic set

A unique offer for those who want to engage in the construction business — a basic set (frame) for theconstruction of modules and modular buildings.

All elements of the building we produce in our own production using complex technological processes,expensive and unique equipment, qualified specialists. The kit consists of a floor, ceiling and pillarsdesign, all you need to do is purchase only the materials necessary for construction, common and cheap.You will be able to regulate the price of the final product and form your profit.

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We use only modern technological equipment

The latest acquisitions of the company were the SICAR BOOM-3200 (Italy) format-cutting machine for wood panel harvesting, used for internal module siding, PEGAS (Germany) band-saw machine for metal, an electromagnetic base drilling machine «Vector MS-36», allowing to process metal in conditions where it is impossible to use stationary equipment. The production workshop is also equipped with four overhead cranes. Technical re-equipment had a positive impact on the efficiency of production and minimization of defects in products.

Certificates and licenses

All products manufactured by Avista Modul Engineering are certified and comply with GOST and SNiP standards and international standards.

We build quickly and simply