Rent modules and
modular buildings


Our service includes:

Cabins — an economical and convenient option for the quick arrangement of residential and business infrastructure. Mobile and aesthetic, modern change houses willingly put on production sites, construction sites and even personal plots.

They have warehouses and security points, staff accommodation and even administration offices. The possibility of a flexible interior layout and the use of modern, aesthetic finishing materials make cabins cabins a profitable alternative to capital construction.

Even with a small budget, you can rent a comfortable, multifunctional facility. With adequate operation, the trailer is guaranteed to serve the owner for at least 10 years.

Rent modules and cabins 

from the company Avista Module Engineering

Our main rental offers are:

Field camps and construction camps

Modules for living of builders on object

Rooms for the seasonal business of any area

We offer cabins for rent with delivery from Novosibirsk:

The Startbox series — the budgetary 4-seater option of 14,64 sq.m for operation at a temperature up to minus 25 C

The Ekoboks series — reliable 4-seater change houses of 15,25 sq.m for operation at a temperature up to minus 35C.

The Husky series is a unique 4-seater carriage of 15.25 m2 for regions with a harsh climate. Reliably keep heat indoors at an external temperature to — 55C. 


Guard your budget


  • places
  • 14,64 sq.m
  • Walls, ceiling: oriented strand board; floor — household linoleum
  • Fire Safety Certificate — Not
  • Flexible layout
  • Floors — no
  • Exterior doors — metal / chipboard (only brown)
  • Exterior finishing — galvanized profiled metal of any color
  • Exploitation — 10 years
  • Wiring (electric set) — no, it is possible in cable channels as additional options. Electrics kit: 2nd double
    sockets, LED lighting
  • Water supply — no (additional option only)
  • Sewerage —No (optional only)
  • Exhaust ventilation — there is (through the window and door openings. Installation of an exhaust fan is
    possible as an additional option)


Quality at a reasonable price


  • 4 places
  • 15,25 sq.m
  • Walls, ceiling: oriented strand board; floor linoleum household
  • Fire Safety Certificate — IV class of fire resistance (if MB insulation)
  • Flexible layout
  • Floors — 2, wall to wall
  • External doors — metal / chipboard (whitish-grey color)
  • Exterior finish — galvanized profiled metal of any color
  • Exploitation — 15 years
  • Wiring (electric set) — no, it is possible in cable channels as additional options. Electrics kit: 2nd double
    sockets, LED lighting
  • Water supply — no (additional option only)
  • Sewage — no (additional option only)
  • Exhaust ventilation — there is (Through window and door openings. Installation of an exhaust fan is
    possible as additional options)


Not afraid


  • 4 places
  • 15,25 sq.m
  • Walls, ceiling: chipboard, floor — semi-commercial linoleum
  • безопасности — IV класс огнестойкости ( если утеплитель МВ)
  • Flexible layout
  • Floors — up to 3, without partitions
  • External doors — metal (white and gray color)
  • Exterior finish — galvanized profiled metal of any color
  • Exploitation — 20 years
  • Wiring — there is, in the composition of the sandwich panels. Electric kit: 4 double sockets, LED lighting.
  • Water supply — no (additional option only)
  • Sewage — no (only optional. Option)
  • Exhaust ventilation — there is, by means of the channel fan

Our rules are as simple as two times two


The insured amount is deposited as a lump sum.


Last month rent + shipping cost + Regular customers discounts


Return of the deposit — at the end of the lease term or to offset the last month

Why effectively rent a module or a modular building?

You only pay for the time while the module you need.

Rent excludes the cost of maintaining and storing the module.

Space saving — installation of modules in 2 floors.

Reliable warming (up to -50 ° C).

Aesthetic appearance

Conclusion of an urgent lease agreement.

We will respond to your request within 15 minutes.

Advantages of cooperation with the company 
«Avista Modul Engineering»

For 11 years we have been working in the modular construction market in Russia and the CIS. We build 
aesthetic low-rise buildings quickly and reliably. Thousands of people from Kaliningrad to Sakhalin, in 
the Far North, live and work in comfortable, aesthetic and eco-friendly trailers and change houses of the 
Avista Modul Engineering. 


Examples of implemented projects

LLC Podvodtruboprovodstroy

In 2016–2017, dormitories were built for employees with a total area of 400 square meters. m, including dining, shower. The complex is designed for 100 people.
The total area of all objects is 8 188 sq.m. The Avista Module Company carried out construction and installation work at the oil and gas facility of Transneft Western Siberia PJSC at a site in Mariinsk.

Reftinskaya GRES, a branch of PJSC Enel Russia, is the largest thermal power plant in Russia operating on solid fuels and an important reserve generating asset in the Urals network

Срок партнерства 2014 — 2015 г.г.

Partnership term 2014 — 2015
Residential household premises and foreman’s room with a total area of 47 sq.m were located on the territory of the power station

Tatyshev Island is the largest island on the Yenisei River within Krasnoyarsk.

Tatyshev Island is now a popular holiday destination for Krasnoyarsk residents. The island often becomes a venue for entertainment and sporting events.

For the celebration of 2017, new outlets, heating points, a first-aid post and police premises with a total area of 100 square meters were provided. 

How we are working


Conclusion of an agreement

Leave a request or call us and we will tell you what documents are needed for a fixed-term contract. Send our manager the necessary documents by e-mail, and then receive and sign the finished contract. It will take 1 working day.


Bill payment

Immediately after signing the contract, the service manager will send you an invoice for payment. In addition to the number of modules, picking and rental periods, the cost takes into account the deposit for each modules. We return the deposit immediately after the return of the modules.


Delivery and transfer of modules

We will deliver and install modules at the facility anywhere in Russia. The minimum delivery time is one day. Shipping cost is individual.

Leave a request, we will calculate the rental price for you, offer delivery options and a complete set, as well as answer all questions.

We provide all types of services:

Rent modules, modules with delivery from Novosibirsk

Renting a module is profitable when your project is limited in duration, or you need to quickly build
temporary residential and farm buildings in a certain area.
We will help to solve problems of any scale, whether:

Customer reviews

Hire of change houses is easy to issue on the website or by contacting the managers of Avista Engineering Module on tel. 8-800-333-61-31 (calls in Russia is free-of-charge). We provide installments for the rental of cabins and trailers: we will consider your application within one working day. 

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