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Seismic-resistant building of the administrative and residential complex


«Razrez Yuzhny»

Implementation dates:

July — September 2017.

Total area:

1 386 m²

Razrez «Yuzhny» is a coal-mining enterprise of the Taldinsky deposit. Razrez has become one of the leading coal mining enterprises of Kuzbass. The design capacity of Razrez was brought to 2 800 thousandtons of coal per year.

We have designed and built a new product — seismic-resistant building of theadministrative and household complex (AHC)

The structure of the building is reinforced with vertical metal structures (connections). The foundation is distinguished by high stability at high fluctuations of the earth’s surface. The earthquake-proof building can withstand an earthquake with a magnitude of 7-9 points.

The Administrative and household complex includes:

  • workrooms;
  • office;
  • archive;
  • sanitary engineering rooms.

The two-levels building is designed for a comfortable stay of more than 200 people