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  • Customer:

    «Promstroi» OJSC

  • Implementation dates:

    March-June 2012

  • Total area:

    580 m²

In connection with the construction of the future polymer production of «SIBUR», also known as the «Tobolsk-Polymer» project, which can become one of the world’s largest petrochemical projects of the early 21st century, the builder of «Promstroi» OJSC needed a new administrative building at the construction site in Tobolsk.Within the framework of cooperation, «Avista Module» LLC implemented a project for the construction of a two-storey office for the personnel of «Promstroi» OJSC.

Administrative and household complex with a total area of 580 sq. meters is designed for 40 people and is a modular building based on 32 demountable «Husky» modules measuring 6229 × 2434 × 2699 mm. 

When implementing this project, «Avista Module» has implemented the following services: 

  • designing of building and engineering networks;
  • manufacture of demountable modules;
  • delivery of products to the facility;
  • mounting and installation of collapsible modules;
  • mounting of a gable roof;
  • mounting of corridor structures;
  • mounting of split systems;
  • electric installation works;
  • mounting of communication networks;
  • furnishing of the sanitary section.

The buildingson the basis of cold-resistant collapsible «Husky» moduleshave increased heat resistance.

Wall sandwich panels are interconnected by means of built-in locks made from energy-saving extruded polystyrene foam forming a continuous thermal contour around the perimeter of the module, which is especially important for the Siberian region, where the construction of the Tobolsk-Polymer is underway. 

Within the framework of the project, optimal schemes for electricity supply, water supply, sewerage, heating, air conditioning and communication networks were developed. When the project was implemented, various versions of floor coverings were made, depending on the purpose of the room (director’s office — laminate, server room — metal floor). 


Mounting works on the installation of the building at the facility were carried out by the construction and technological department and the installation team of «Avista Module». 

Upon completion of the AHCwill be transferred to the full use of the company «SIBUR». 

«SIBUR» is the largest petrochemical company in Russia and Eastern Europe with full coverage of the industry cycle from gas processing to the production of monomers, plastics, synthetic rubbers and plastic processing. The company produces more than 2000 products. In the Russian market, SIBUR processes more than half of associated petroleum gas and produces 34% of synthetic rubbers, 38% of HDPE, 27% of polypropylene, 65% of monoethyleneglycols, 55% of butadiene, and a significant portion of other petrochemicals.