Changing rooms for SAI Sports School of the Olympic Reserve for Snowboarding

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  • Customer::

    SAI Sports School of Olympic Reserve for Snowboarding

  • Implementation dates:

    November-December 2016.

  • Total area:

    213,5 m2

For SSOR for Snowboarding, 2 modular buildings were built — locker rooms with an area of 213.5 m²

In Novosibirsk, there was a snowboard park thanks to the opening of the sports school of the Olympic reserve for Snowboarding this year.

See a tour of the module «Sheregesh»

Notall companies can afford low-marginal projects in the construction market. In the case of constructing on the territory of the Novosibirsk school of the Olympic snowboard reserve, the contractor was selected through a tender, and at that,at a price below the market average.

It’s nice that the needs of the snowboard school coincided with our capabilities.

We gladly responded to this task, because, firstly, it is for children, and secondly for our beloved Novosibirsk. We are aware of our social responsibility and our task is not just to build prefabricated buildings, but to give people the opportunity to acquire affordable housing and an efficient working space.