Administrative and household complex and dining halls

for «StroyTransNefteGaz» JSC


«StroyTransNefteGas» JSC

Implementation dates:

2017 — 2018

Total area:

612 м²


The group of companies «Avista Module Engineering» became a participant of the national project for the construction of the «Siberia Power» gas pipeline.

We have built

In 2016 and 2017, Avista Module Engineering had already produced 2 modular buildings for the Chayandinskoye deposit, ordered by «StroyTransNefteGaz» JSC.
A dining room, designed for 48 people with a bakery with a total area of 207 and a half square meters.  
Atwo-story administrative and household complex for 54 people with a conference hall with a total area of 202 square meters.

In 30 days two unique dining halls were manufactured and shippedon sleds.
The new designer project is suggests moving on «ice roads» in the Chayandinskoye field, that is why it is installed on a sled.

When installing the modules on the sled, a unique bolted system was used, excluding welding. The landing is also bolted and does not require special preparation in order to unfold it.Convenient removable porches and telescopic canopies are unfastened and unfolded. The issuance system in the canteen remains functional even when jointing two modules wall to wall on sleds.

2 Modular canteens, consisting of 4 modules each, are designed for 60 people and include a dining area, a kitchen and a warehouse for food storage. The area of modular canteens is 203 square meters. Canteens are fully equipped with everything necessary, including engineering networks.