Avista Modul has confirmed its leading position in the production of modular buildings for 2019 — according to an independent study by Tekart Consulting Group.

Steady growth. Today we are leaders in Russia in terms of production volumes. Modular buildings production dynamics (sq.m.)

The volume and dynamics of domestic production of modular buildings in Russia shows an annual upward trend. The example of our company shows that the demand for modular construction is growing, which means that the volume of production is also increasing.

Back in 2013 we produced 100 modules per month, but now our plant produces up to 400 modules per month!

Structure of modular buildings production in 2019.

We confidently occupy the second place in the structure of modular buildings production, and we are very proud to be in the neighborhood of manufacturers in the top three: “The largest Russian manufacturers in 2019 were Konteyniks-Monolit, Avista Modul Engineering and Modul.

We were able to achieve such good results due to our own production and well-coordinated work of the entire Avista Modul team. Every year we improve to provide you with the best product and address your tasks quickly!

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