What kind of requests do you think we implement most often? Dormitories? Canteens? Campuses? Yes, yes and yes.

But along with large, big and broad-scale requests, we receive orders for the construction of small modular buildings or single models for various purposes: checkpoints, medical buildings, private houses, operator rooms and pumping stations.

Today, we want to share details about our current projects:

We are finishing building of an X-ray room for a hospital in Ulan-Ude. The small modular building of 7 Husky modules was designed according to the customer’s planning to station a CT scanner.

Exterior and interior finishes comply with the Russian SanPin standard: X-ray-proof boards and putty, lead sheets, X-ray-proof windows and doors.

We have finished building a private house in the Novosibirsk region. Basing on our standard solution L for private houses see here, with small additions from the customer, we constructed, delivered and assembled a single-storey modular house of two Husky modules, without finishing.

For already finished projects, single modules served for the following purposes: a public toilet, a ticket office, a pumping station.

One of the most popular uses of small modular buildings is a checkpoint.

You can see now that there are plenty of options, and all of them are well-suited for addressing your tasks!