X-Ray Room for a hospital in Ulan-Ude

  • Customer:

    Glavtechproekt PO

  • Project’s duration:

    August to October 2020

  • Total area:

    68,5 sq.m.

A prefabricated relocatable module to station

a computer tomography system.


To build a modular building for the republic’s clinical hospital named after N.A. Semashko. The building can be relocated as may be necessary, which fully complies with the structural concept of our buildings.


The peculiarity of this project was the need to address two main tasks:

1. Designing the base of a modular building to house a CT scanner.

2. Design and construction of a modular building according to X-ray protection standards.


Our designers tackled the first task by redesigning the building’s floor for concreting the base for the scanner. The second task was addressed by using lead sheets and specialized building materials for X-ray rooms.

Specialists of Avista Modul provided the following services within the project:

• Drawing up the operational documentation;

• Construction of metal structures and sandwich panels;

• Delivery to the construction site;

• Assembly of the metal structures, outside and exterior finish.